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AUDL Pick 'Em Rules / Help


The concept of AUDL Pick 'Em is simple: pick the winners of each game each week against the spread. For example, if Madison is favored over Chicago by 2.5 points, Madison must finish with at least 3 more goals than Chicago to 'win' the game.

All times displayed on the schedule are Eastern.

Pick 'Em Prizes will be awarded by the AUDL.

Making Entries

Use the menu item "My Picks" to select the outcome of each game, as well as guessing the total goals scored for the last game listed for the week.

Games are automatically locked out on the My Picks entry form according to their scheduled date and time. Your guess for the last game's total goals will be automatically locked out at the start of that game.

Changing Entries

When making your picks, you do not have to make all picks during the same session. Games are automatically locked out on the entry form according to their scheduled date and time.

You may change your pick for any game up until the time that game is locked. Once a game is locked, you may not change your pick for it. If you did not make a pick for a particular game, it is counted as a loss. If you submit a partial entry and either forget or are unable to complete it, the games you did not pick will count as losses.

Weekly Winners

The player who accurately predicts the most games correctly each week against the spreads is the winner.

The weekly tie breaker is determined by the player who guesses closest to the total goals scored during the last game listed in the My Picks entry form. There are no other tie breakers, so each week may have more than one winner. The resulting Weekly Prize winner(s) will receive an AUDL Fan Pack.

Overall Winner

At the end of the season, the overall winner is the player who has the most weekly wins. Note that the weekly tie breaker described above does not apply to the weekly win tally for the season.

If multiple players share the most weekly wins, the season tie breaker is determined by the player who has the best overall pick ratio (correct picks / total picks). Multiple overall prizes will be awarded if there is a tie at the end of the season after the first tiebreaker.

The resulting overall winner(s) will receive custom 2017 home and away jerseys for the AUDL team of their choice.


Everyone is eligible to play AUDL Pick 'Em. However, AUDL staff, team owners, players, referees and their immediate family members are ineligible for prizes.


If you have trouble accessing the site, logging in or completing your entry, or other questions, please contact the Administrator for help.

This work, "AUDL Pick ‘Em", is a derivative of PHP Pick 'Em by Kevin Roth, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 United States License.